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About Seva Lightwork

My Name Is Shak and I am A Spiritual Life Coach.

I Help Women To Raise Their Vibrational Frequencies and Manifest Their Dreams to Live Their Lives in its Highest Potential through Guided Meditations, Angel Light Hypnosis And The Akashic Records.

My Journey in Spirituality started from a very young age but it was not until I hit My 30"s when I met My Spiritual Teacher that took My Spirituality to a Whole Different Level..


He Introduced me to working with Spirit(Light)  and Connecting with Light and Being Guided  and Growing in it. 

I t has been such a Wonderful Journey for me and with each  passing year My Love for everything "Light" has made My World So Beautiful and feeling Loved and Special.

My teacher also Channelled for me at that time That I would also do this work one day. 

And it is here now after much Growth and Guidance , I am sharing  My Calling to Uplift and Empower Many into Becoming Light Beings of Tremendous Potential.


I Invite you To Become A Member Of Seva Lightwork and Begin Living Your Life from a Much Higher Vibrational Frequency and A Life of Immense Potential.

So You Ask Why A Session With Shak?

My Sessions are Live Sessions... One on One Sessions in an area of your Life You would like to Amplify and raise the Vibrational Frequency to a Higher Level , so that you can now begin to Set All The Divine Components that are needed to bring it into Actualization.

I Crystal Cut the Session to Everyone Unique Needs and Desires.

I use My Energy and Unique Gift to Raise Your Vibration so that You Are able to Connect to Your Higher Vibrational Self  and Begin Manifesting.

I Invite you To Open Your Heart and Begin Your Journey of Living Your Life In It's Highest Vibration and Beauty. 

Guided Meditations From My Heart....

Seva Lightwork.

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